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South Projects - Intro and Info

As you may have read on the 'Emmanuel Projects' page, I was first introduced to Emmanuel Ministries and the South Projects in 2008 by Josue Lopez, one of Emmanuel Ministries founders.

The South Projects have been a labor of love for Josue since the 70's.  He grew up about a 10 hour drive south of Juarez, near the industrial city of Torreon, Coahuila, which you can see on the map below.  Being his home area, he knew first hand the struggles the surrounding communities faced.  He started his preaching down there in his late teens, but life and circumstances drew him to Juarez in the early 60's.  He made it a priority to maintain his family relationships, as well as close ties to an association of pastors in that south region.   Skipping ahead - one of the main struggles these pastors faced was the construction of church buildings that were so desperately needed.  Even small church buildings are quite a process, considering the costs involved.   The standard adobe-type brick walls aren't prohibitively expensive, but wood-frame roofs are a different story.   Hearing this from the pastor's association, Josue started working to fund and manage the building of these roofs as time, volunteers and donations allowed.  That program has continued successfully over the years, with many generous donors and volunteers coming forward.

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As mentioned above, I was introduced to the South Projects by Josue Lopez - and like Josue, it has become a labor of love for me, too.  Fast-forward to the present:  The WMCP non-profit was formed by myself and a couple close buddies, in part to offer focus on the South Projects and streamline the process.  This takes some of that funding and project management burden off Josue's shoulders, although at this early stage, his involvement remains essential.

South Projects - Completed and Upcoming:

First Thing - Project Basics

Hormiguero - April 2008

Matamoros - January 2010

South Scouting Visit - July 2018

Atalaya - November 2019

Purisema - Planned for 2020

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