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Project Scouting - July 2018

After our January 2010 project in Matamoros, Americans were cautioned to stay out of Mexico, Juarez being one of the more dangerous locations.  Political and police corruption was running rampant, and the drug cartels were making a huge play for control.  It wasn't until November of 2017 that I was able to visit Emmanuel Ministries again, as a guest at their annual board meeting.  I'm still amazed when I think back on that visit - walking in as though I'd been there days ago.  The warmth and welcoming of the Lopez family never ceases to inspire, and this time was no exception.

By some miracle, perhaps literally, during that busy, chaotic, board meeting weekend, I was able to get a few hours of one-on-one time with Josue.  We caught up on mutual friends and family, and shared some great stories about previous projects, but he also shared some concerns.  There had been quite a bit of difficulty within the administration of the Children's Home, which was certainly a concern, but with me he spoke specifically about the South Projects.  Obviously those had been on hold since early 2010, and that put the brakes on several church buildings that really needed roofs to start growing.  True, there isn't much rain that far south, but the pounding sun and blowing dust makes it pretty hard to hold church serves, meetings and classes. Given Josue's close ties with the pastor's association down there, those needs were growing very heavy on his heart.

Before leaving after the weekend, I told Josue I wanted to take a trip south very soon.  "Oh?", he said, "Do you want to do a big project right away, or start with a smaller one?"  "I want to do ALL the projects", I told him, "I want to go down there and see every job they need done, so I can estimate and prioritize them. Maybe we can handle one a year, maybe more, but I want to get those jobs done."

So that's what we did.

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De Colombia

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El Estribo

El Retiro

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Torreon (SE)

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