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Emmanuel Ministries Background:

Very briefly - Emmanuel Ministries is where it all started for me.  They are a multi-faceted organization in Juarez, Mexico, consisting of a children's home, Christian school, small clinic, church, and a some other community outreach programs.  The children's home was co-founded by Josue Lopez in the mid-60's, because he and an American missionary noticed an enormous need in the area.  It grew and expanded to include the other facets over time as each of those needs became apparent.

I met Josue and was introduced to the ministry in the spring of 2008, on the way to do [my] first 'South Project'.   At that time I had been searching for a productive work-type ministry as well as legitimate charity organizations that needed financial help.  I found both of those avenues on this trip.  The children's home and associated ministries were obviously places to donate, because it was clear that every cent would go to the kids for operation of those facilities - no one was cashing in.  Please see the links below for specifics on the past projects and future plans for the Emmanuel Ministries facility.  Note:  Emmanuel Ministries is an 80(+)% charity organization with a US IRS 501(c)(3) donation avenue - information and donation link below.

The 'South Project' we completed on that trip was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling projects I have ever done, and I was hooked.  Please click the link below for and introduction and more information.

South Projects Intro and Info

Emmanuel Ministries Projects - Past and Planned:

Apartment Roof - December 2008

Solar Electricity - Planning

Solar Hot Water - Planning

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