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NOTE:  See "Project Basics" pages for an outline of the roof-building process details.  Our goal with these location-specific pages is to note certain challenges and successes, and highlight the people we are fortunate to encounter and work with in each community.

Matamoros 2010

Matamoros was the second 'South Project' I was involved with, and fortunately another textbook project - new building, lots of room to work, solid core crew, enough time and an adequate budget.  It was also another to spend some quality after-work time with Juarez folks. This construction site was significantly farther from La Victoria, but we still stayed there. However, we usually stopped along the way for dinner and pretty much passed out when we got back to the farm.

Like our first project, this one went very smoothly - again, because Josue set everything up well in advance, including local volunteers, materials, etc.

Fun fact:  The US crew are all from the midwest US, so to be this deep in Mexico, even in January, is nothing to us.  However, I have to admit it was pretty chilly, even for us, so look at the heavy jackets the Matamoros folks are wearing, and in one picture you'll notice they even have a fire going in the corner of the building!

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Juarez & US Crew

La Victoria (The Farm)

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The Church Building

Matamoros Crew

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Ground Support

Project Complete!

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